Sunday, April 25, 2010

3rd parliamentary year of Sindh Assembly begins, SA has passed 29 bills in past 2 years

KARACHI: The Sindh Assembly two-year performance report from 5 April 2008 to 4th April 2010 was presented here on Wednesday. The Speaker of the Sindh Assembly, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro while addressing a press conference at the Sindh Assembly's Committee Room presented the report, saying that a total of 29 bills, 13 resolutions and 54 joint resolutions were passed during the period while 11 ordinances, 20 private bills, 10 privilege motions, 11 adjournment motions and 103 motions were received by the assembly in the past two years. As many as 3,408 questions were received of them, 2,343 were allowed, 1,254 were laid on the floor of the house, 21 were withdrawn and 320 were processed.

The Sindh Assembly held 17 sessions during the past two years which comprised of 145 total days and 101 actual sittings. Nisar Khuhro said that no agenda remained uncompleted in the past two years of the provincial assembly and whatever resolution or bill was presented in the assembly, the members discussed it . 

He said that the credit goes to Sindh that pioneered live telecasting of the assembly proceeding so that the people can know that what was going on in the assembly. Commenting on the opposition's participation, he said that the opposition itself admitted that it was given sufficient time to speak on the assembly floor.

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