Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shaheed Bhutto,s were great reformers in Pakistan: Shafqat Soomro

LARKANA: June 25, 2009. Chairman Sindh Peoples Development Committee and Senior Vice President Dr. Shafqat Hussain Soomro on Wednesday said that Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto were great reformers in the history of Pakistan, who wanted to end the feudal lord system in country and distributed hundred and thousand acres to landless Harees for poverty alleviation.

This he said while distributing the ceremony of Rs. 14000 Cheques each to the 108 women and men farmers of Larkana district by the Sindh Rural Support Organization here at Sambara Inn. On the occasion, SRSO Project Coordinator, Nisar Ahmed Pathan, District Program Officer Saeed Ahmed Buledi briefed about the SRSO loan about Rs. 2.5 million disbursements to check and supervise the agricultural development in the district and provision of seeds, pesticides, fertilizer to the 65 women and 43 landless male farmers of Larkana district.

Dr. Shafqat Soomro addressing the ceremony, said that there was no any development since long in Larkana, while the present government is keenly interested into resolve the matters of common people on priority level and they will be provided relief regarding the agricultural objectives he said.He said that they have provided more than 4500 jobs to the educated youth of Larkana and development of Larkana, added further development schemes and roads are underway in this regard he said.Dr. Shafqat said presently survival of Pakistan is due to the IMF loan and the government cannot withdraw the agriculture taxes including the water tax, Abiana and Dhall, added we have to stand on our own feet.

He said the conspiracies against the PPP government could not be materialized even in Larkana people, added that the UN probe into the assassination of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto will find out the facts behind her murder and those figures will be exposed very soon.On the occasion, Dr. Shafqat Soomro distributed cheques of worth 2.5 million among the 65 women and 43 men Harees of Larkana district.

Later, the SPDC Chairman attended the lunch hosted by ex-Principal CMC College Prof. Sikander Ali Shaikh, the other participants attended were among the District Zakat Chairman Mohammed Moosa Abro, PPP leader Nisar Ali Shaikh, PPP leader Suhail Siyal, President Press Club S. Iqbal Babu, Sr. Journalist Dr. M. B Kalhoro, PPP information Secretary Asghar Ali Shaikh, Kamran Odhano, Abdul Ghani Jatoi, Ex-Taluka Nazim Nazir Shaikh, Dr. Liaqat Ali Shiakh on the occasion, PPP leaders, Business community and large numbers of citizens were among the meeting.