Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nation need fair and free election system in Pakistan. Nisar Khuhro

LARKANA: 15th March: The Speaker Sindh Assembly Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has said on Sunday that the country needs strong institutions to nurture political leadership and transparent electoral system for true democracy. This he said while in an Open Discussion Forum of N.A 205 and its constituencies regarding the fair and free election Network Pakistan’s title on “Democratic Government Program (DGP)” arranged by the local NGO Mathini Women Development Organization here at local hotel.

The DGP session in Larkana was also attended by the Federal Minister for Youth Affairs Shahid Hussain Bhutto, Provincial Minister Sindh for Women Development Tauqir Fatima Bhutto and other members of Provincial Assembly Sindh, NGOs, Civil Society and large number of women and citizens.

Addressing the participants Nisar Khuhro said the public expectations are high and present democratic government priority to resolve complex issues of the constituencies and peoples basic problems he said. He said PPP believes that social policy objectives drive economic policy and the party is committed to provide better social and living standards for the people of our country.

He said the community is aware about their rights and the dream of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was that the the people of this area must be educated regarding the democratic governance and play their part in the election process and further in their system in country, as the fulfillment of this dream by Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, who also sacrificed her life for the country people and democracy he said.

Nisar Khuhro further said in country majority of people living in poverty, in this regard the poverty alleviation is the basic agenda to resolve problems of people and financial assistance was being given to poor by helping women under women Development Support Program and other objectives.

Before this, Speaker distributed the 127 orders among the sanitary workers and other employees and said that it is the dream of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto to give jobs to unemployed; he also distributed cheques of Rs. 80000 to 40 poor people 2000 each one, besides three wheel chairs, 1 tri-cycle was also given to the disable persons.

Sindh Minister for Women Development Touqeer Fatima Bhutto said that present government was trying to resolve the problems of masses, because of great sacrifice of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, which was given only for the rights of the people and restoration of democracy.

She said the the people gave mandate to the present government, and the FAFEN objectives are also to take the masses in General elections and franchise their vote according to the will by aware them in the different sector she said. She said there is need of education and awareness among the society and provide them health, roads, electricity, sui gas facilities at their door steps with out any discrimination is also the objective of present government she said.

The Provincial Minister also said that the president of Pakistan was implementing the principle of political reconciliation with all political parties and trying utmost to strengthen the democracy in the country.

She said we are struggling to our best to implement the manifesto which is also the objectives of FAFEN wants to aware general masses in this regard she said.

On the occasion, Organizer and Program Manager FAFEN Nishata Mumtaz interact the audience regarding democratic governance and advocate the main agenda.

Other participants including Nisar Ali Shaikh (Shaikh Brothery) Chairperson Mathini Women Welfare Development Organization Farida Abbasi, Shams Jokhio, Imran Abbasi, Nasreen Baloch, Dr. Tanvir Ahmed and Dr. Ghulam Abbasi and others were present.


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