Sunday, November 30, 2008

Q&A: the murder of Benazir Bhutto

What happened during the attack?

The Government says that it was carried out by a gunman working in conjunction with a suicide bomber, whose head was found at the site. Photographs taken by a member of the crowd clearly show a clean-shaven young man in dark glasses, a white shirt and a dark waist coat, shooting a pistol at Ms Bhutto from next to her vehicle. One picture shows another man with a white shawl over his head standing behind the gunman and a Pakistani television station has identified the second man as the bomber. Amateur video footage shows the gunman firing at least three shots and an explosion engulfing the vehicle seconds later.

However, there is still no clear evidence to show if the shooter was also the bomber, if there was a second person who detonated himself, or if the explosion was triggered by remote control. The government has shown images of what it says is the bomber's reconcstructed head, but it is still not clear if the gunman's body has been found. Much evidence was destroyed when authorities washed the blast site with high pressure hoses on the same night that Ms Bhutto died.

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