Sunday, November 23, 2008

City Development

This is hopeless to see that District Government Larkana has ignored the long term plans for Larkana.

Larkana’s District Government has so many internal problems (e.g. change of Naib Nazim). Thus the city development has been on stake!

No proper action has been taken yet to renew the old and broken roads, planning of any flyover in the city. There is only one flyover in the city which is almost 10 years old. There is regular traffic jam on the roads like Bakrani road, Pakistani Chowk, Bander road, Royal road and Station road just VIP road is fine. District Government Larkana should rebuild the broken roads; put new street lights a strategic system for cleaning the roads and streets and perfect traffic guidance should be there.

Day by day people are buying cars and city is getting more polluted and as there is no development how this city could will survive in long term? Its going back day by day, We have not seen any great achievement by District Government Larkana, so far.

We urge to people of Larkana to write to District Government of Larkana to make serious long term plans for city to save it from being a village!

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  1. yes i will wirte to city nazim larkana for this inshaALLAH, kiunke he is respnosible for the devevelopment of larkana, u r right. per koi karta hi nahi hai. I will write to kawish and jung newspaper also for this issue. thanks for lighting this